Math Tutoring

Math Tutoring:

Kids deserve to gain a love for and an understanding of the processes that math offers, processes that guide them to solutions. Nowadays, we put calculators in kids’ hands and teach them that getting an answer is more important than knowing HOW to get that solution. Kids don’t learn their multiplication tables in third grade, and it haunts them in high school. Kids rely on their calculators so much in high school that they are lost when the SAT asks them to do math (Heaven forbid!) by hand.

Math Tutoring

Hire Me To Be Your Math Tutor!

Let me help you tap into the math world of winning. I will help you understand what you covered in class today, and I will teach you the content for the coming week BEFORE your math teacher ever covers it. That way, you will enter class each day with confidence and even excitement. I know it sounds impossible, but, with me, you may actually discover that math can be fun.

Count on the Nerdy Math Girl to make math as easy as π.

Gina Parcells

Gina Parcells

Nerdy Math Girl

21 Ways to Improve Your Math Grade in 30 Days or Less

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