Public Speaking

Public Speaking

If you really seek to improve your math grade, then you have a choice. Your current habits got you into a pickle; your new habits will get you out. From now on, every day, recognize that you are choosing to take a simple positive or a simple negative action to change your math grade. These actions, repeated over time, may seem insignificant, but the sum of those small steps will determine where you land. Good choices compound over time; sadly, so do poor choices.

Let the Nerdy Math Girl overhaul the way you do math. Based on my book, 21 Ways to Improve Your Math Grade in 30 Days or Less, I will entertain and propel your math audience to boosted confidence and improved performance. In this 45-minute presentation (which can be adjusted up or down by 15 minutes as needed), students will learn why studying for math is more like tossing a football than it is like studying for history class.

As a bonus, each student will also receive all 21 actionable tips in his/her very own FREE online copy of my book – tips that can be immediately implemented by nearly every person. Success is not just going to fall into your lap. You have to go out there and grab it. I will provide twenty-one tools for the job. What are you going to do with them?

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