SAT Preparation

SAT Preparation

For many students, the combination of rigorous academic requirements and prolonged extracurricular responsibilities leaves little time to prepare for the SAT. Yet, few students can compete in today’s college admission race without doing some kind of test preparation. We help students master the SAT in a limited amount of time by cutting out the fluff, streamlining the program, and practicing like an athlete. We blend the research and expertise of the testing giants with the personal touch of a tutor. The outcome is a class that is personalized and focused; a class that combines proven techniques with individualized attention.

  • Small Class Size (up to 8 students)
  • Content review for both math test sections
  • Individualized study programs
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Test-anxiety reduction
SAT Preparation

Test Anxiety

Strategy and skill building are imperative, but anxiety is the greatest hindrance to big scores on the SAT. How do I keep my cool when the clock is ticking, the proctor is pacing, and the kid beside me is finishing with lightening speed? How can I maintain composure when my entire future rests in my score?

Preparing for peak performance starts with increasing confidence. We expose students’ self-doubts and cause them to see that their fears are not reality. We train them to silence the negative thoughts and replace them with a confident belief in success. And, we practice. We practice problems until we convert the unnatural and traumatizing process of standardized testing into a totally unremarkable part of daily life.

SAT Preparation

How do I register for the SAT?
There are three ways to sign up for the SAT:

  • Online: Register at
  • By phone: (888) 728-4357. Only students who are retaking the SAT may register by phone.
  • By mail: Some students may be required to register for the SAT by mail. You can learn whether or not these circumstances apply to you at the following web address:

When should I register for the SAT?
The deadline to register for an SAT exam is usually four to five weeks before the test date. The SAT is offered in January, March, May, June, October, November, and December. Students should consider factors like the time commitment to fully prepare for the exam, the deadlines of the colleges to which they will apply, the life stressors that may conflict with optimal performance (AP tests, sports seasons, health issues), and the timing of academic coursework before choosing a test date. Generally, I recommend taking the test in the Spring of Junior year and again in the Fall of Senior year.

When should I start preparing for the SAT?
It’s never too early to start preparing by yourself! For intensive training, we recommend working 4-6 weeks immediately prior to your test date.

How much high school math do I need before I can start preparing for the SAT?
Technically, 90% of the SAT comes from high school Algebra I and Geometry with the remaining 10% coming from Algebra II. We recommend taking the SAT after your highest math course before Calculus.

SAT Preparation
SAT Preparation

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