Tutoring Testimonials

Ms. Parcells is a miracle worker. 

Going to do math with Ms. Parcells is actually fun. Please don’t tell her I said that. 

My son has been working with Gina for 5 weeks. His overall average in Algebra has gone from a D to an A-. We are thrilled with his academic success. However just as important his self-confidence is thru the roof and he smiles when going off to school. As a mom that’s something money just can’t buy. 

Mrs. Parcells was hands down one of my all-time favorite teachers. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject she taught, and she came in everyday with the brightest smile on her face. She made it evident that she truly cared for her students, wanted them to succeed, and would do anything possible to make that happen (including coming in at 6am on exam days to give us last minute help). I’ve never met someone so kind.

Mrs. Parcells is as much of an inspiration in the classroom as she is out in the community. She knows how to get her students to grasp the content and get them excited to walk into her classroom. She has a radiant personality and contagious smile. She even goes that extra mile for help with tutoring. I’m in my senior year in college to become a math teacher, so I can say proudly that I admire Gina Parcells’ teaching style.

Ms. Parcells is by far the best math teacher that I’ve ever had throughout my academic career. After a bad experience with Algebra 2/Trig, she somehow managed to successfully get me through pre-calculus with a B. Her enthusiasm for math, and life in general, is completely inspiring. She is by far the best math teacher I ever had at First Colonial, and in college too. 

Mrs. Parcells is a world class instructor!

Ms. Parcells was without a doubt the best math teacher I have ever had. She was engaging, fun, very kind, and her love for math was infectious. My math skills skyrocketed after taking Math Analysis with her, and I went into calculus an immeasurably better math student than I had been a year before.

Gina Parcells was one of my all-time favorite teachers.

I have never looked forward to math but she made it fun. If you didn’t understand, she would bend over backwards to assist you in learning. One of the best teachers First Colonial has to offer! 

Great teacher who really cares about her students & their success!

Ms. Parcells cares about her students in and out of class. She is funny and tells lots of stories and she does a great job at teaching the math. I have never learned so much in a math class.

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